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“We don´t want to promise that we are the best… we prefer that our services are the promise for you to be the best”



Marketing Outsourcing

We mix strategics “ON-OFF” marketing solutions to optimize and improve results and corporate Objetives. Then, your goals become our goals. We offer an external view of the market, searching through various tools, new results in order to focus on your goals successfully.

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Customers uptake

Having an accurate and effective DDBB, allow you to adapt your needs to reach new potential and better customers. Wotake uses different data tools and compile information methods that you most need to know.

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Customer retention

Ensure that your customers make a second purchase and eventually, recommend you, are a common goal for all companies. From Wotake we like to create custom campaigns for different types of users to have greater impact.

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Graphic Design

The company image and communication with the user are essential for any business. Depending on how we do it we can generate a closer relationship between the company and your client.

We analyze and appreciate the needs of the company and its customers to adapt or create from those premises.

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In any campaign it is required to track the activities of your users to verify that the goals are achievable and the results are positive. Wotake works as a “Control Tower” between the partners of campaigns, to make the result a real success.

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New Trends

The market it is always innovating, this is necessary because what sell is always new ideas, and more demanding. After listening to customers to see what they want, Wotake implements, beyond marketing, strategies to generate an environment of fun and proximity with the customers.

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Needs that cover our services



Having the necessary product, in the right place, at the correct time and at the lowest price is not always easy, but we adapt to make it so.



As important is what you want to communicate as the way we do it, if you’re not where your customers want to be, do not exist. Do not let that happen.


Customer Service

Success does not end with the campaign but with the feeling that our users get it. Turn your customers into ambassadors for your brand!


Social Networking

Through the social networks have direct contact with our users in a fun environment, where better than here to generate engagement? Beyond communicating is listening.



The databases we work with, are segmented and qualified, we only reach to those users who are really interested. From there, everything is much easier.



Systems integration with our partners, allows us to have complete control of how our actions work. This makes us to move forward in the right direction.



We develop applications in mobile and social media environment and so, by the user entertainment, links are generated and more knowledge of the brand / product / service.


BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)

This trend allows employees to use their own personal devices for professional use. Their greater familiarity with their particular device allows the company to cut costs without affecting the security and confidentiality.


Event Management

We organize events and lively parties to make your employees or your customers feel loved and special. The exclusivity attracts, that’s a fact.



Wotake generates applications in not playful environments in order to enhance motivation, loyalty… By combining on and off-line strategies we get even bigger and better results.

If the importance of an idea has always been the people, that idea in Wotake becomes a team. We provide many services, but before you read them, think that behind each one there is always a team to be committed and thus improve!